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Loire Valley: Touring the Loire’s Small Towns and Villages

Loire Valley: Touring the Loire’s Small Towns and Villages

Added on 29.01.2015

The carefree and joyous days of spring are back and for many bring with it an irrepressible spirit of wanderlust. It’s a perfect time to take to the road and meander at ease through the Loire Valley’s delightful small towns and villages. As we know it is one of your preferred tours, our team has come up with some new and unusual ideas of sites to explore. You may have some of your own – as always, we welcome your suggestions!

The mayor of the Village de Chédigny , near Loches in the heart of the Touraine, came up with a splendid idea for highlighting the Loire Valley’s special gardening gifts: a little over a decade ago he began planting 700 rose bushes in this small village crossed by a stream; they have since multiplied in profusion and have given rise to a 2-day Rose Festival , which this year takes place from May 31 to June 1. 

The medieval village of Seuilly, near Chinon , is surrounded by vineyards which produce the famous AOC Chinon. Like at Chédigny and elsewhere in Touraine, roses are planted in front of rows of grape vines; sensitive to diseases affecting grapes, they serve as an alarm signal indicating the vines need treatment.