General information


Please use the map on the right to get some idea of where we are. You can zoom in and out in order to put us in perspective to the rest of France.  For route planning purposes are address is :

La Richaudiere

Getting Here

There are lots of different ways of driving here from the main ferry ports. If you use ViaMichelin to check your route you will also get an idea of the toll costs. In the summer months we would suggest that you avoid Paris as it can be very busy. If you come via Rouen the roads are generally quiet and the only tricky bit is Rouen itself.

For tips on driving in France please check out the Drive Alive web site. Please stick to the speed limits, the French like their speed traps and you don't want a speeding fine ruining your holiday.

If you are flying the closest airports are Tours and Poitiers, both 1 hour away, however Limoges has generally more frequent flights and this is approximately an hour and 45minutes drive.


As soon as you go south of the Loire river the weather improves compared to northern France. Spring and Autumn months can be beautifully warm with lots of dry and clear days. In the summer it can get very hot, however the evenings are long (it gets dark around 10pm) and cool and ideal for barbecues on your terrace.

For an idea of the current weather forecast we recommend using the Meteo website.